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6 definitions by ugh

the sexiest guys on earth, who do the most amazing combinations of things like art and skateboarding. also they're not afraid to be open about the fact that they want to get into your pants.
chick1: oh there's this new hot guy in my history class
chick2: oh really?
chick1: yeah, he's french too so that makes him even more sexier
by ugh January 09, 2004
895 335
lean mean sexy machine with a tan. hottest guy alive
shit i want frenchie
by ugh January 09, 2004
606 236
when you go out of your way to be nice to someone and they never even call you back when you ask them to
bob: So, has he called you as yet?
midge: na, i don't know why, i must've done something
bob: oh forget about him, he's just a mean dickhead
by ugh January 08, 2004
10 13
A word derived from the name of video game giant Capcom. Capcom is known for making creative games and then releasing a new game in the series with a new number and or word attached but little actual change worthy of being a sequal.
Megaman, Street Fighter II, Resident Evil are all game franchises that have been victims of capcomization.
by ugh November 25, 2004
2 6
To do something without knowing, or saying really what to do. Or just to get something by purchasing or shoplifting.
are we going to händle coffee at Max?
by ugh June 14, 2004
4 12
are you a rich african america brutha?

excuse us crackers's for not understanding.
that nigga is straight caked up....damn
by ugh March 12, 2003
37 178