Cool, awesome, etc
That car is mean
by Kurt September 30, 2003
Something that you lyke or think is really cool.
"Far did you see that mean az car!?!"
by Reecy Hizzle July 12, 2006
really; extraordinarily; extremely

Originated in East L.A., as Southern California's answer to NorCal's hella
That bitch is mean fly!
by Joel and Cassie June 04, 2005
when you go out of your way to be nice to someone and they never even call you back when you ask them to
bob: So, has he called you as yet?
midge: na, i don't know why, i must've done something
bob: oh forget about him, he's just a mean dickhead
by ugh January 08, 2004
mean is the worst thing in the world...... being mean blows!!
paul jr is mean lol
by nick January 07, 2004
MEAN- Pounding or intake of substances;Preferably Illegal Substances.
Myself:You getting mean over there?
Mc: Yah we are getting fucking mean, I just shot guned 18 beers, Sully is rolling something up with a wrap .. Come get fucking mean dudde!!!!

by Brian June 18, 2006
Adjective used to describe the breakfast a satisfied partner prepares after a night of excellent sex.
I fucked her wild and she made some mean eggs in the morning.
by T Hizzle April 21, 2005

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