When someone mans down on such a regular basis and so badly they contract the disease MDI (short for Man Downitis). This has been known to be terminal.
Fucking 'ell spaaaaarcy chicken you have got well bad MDI
by the greenest mile December 04, 2007
Top Definition
mount desert island, maine, home of acadia national park and bar harbor. the best place in the world. approximately ten million times better than ellsworth.
"hey, dude, you're really awesome! are you from mdi?"
"totally, man."
"i wish i could go to mdi instead of the crappyass school i'm going to now..."
by e-nizzle March 02, 2004
Mysterious Drunken Injury

When you wake up with a scab or a bruise or a laceration and you can't remember how you got it.
Billy: Check out this MDI on my face
Johnny: No man, you got that from running into a fence.
by MDI June 23, 2007
The 'cool' shortened nickname for anyone called Madi, Maddie or Maddi.
by lol hello!!!!! madelineeeee September 03, 2008

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