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mount desert island, maine, home of acadia national park and bar harbor. the best place in the world. approximately ten million times better than ellsworth.
"hey, dude, you're really awesome! are you from mdi?"
"totally, man."
"i wish i could go to mdi instead of the crappyass school i'm going to now..."
by e-nizzle March 02, 2004
abbreviation for down down low, which is an extreme form of the rather common dl or down low, referring to the necessity of keeping a juicy tidbit of information hushed up.
"Whoa, you hooked up with HIM?!?!?!?!"
"Yeah, but let's keep it on the ddl. He's pretty skeevy. I was too drunk to know what I was doing."
"Oh, okay, I won't say a word."
by e-nizzle March 02, 2004

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