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"Myers-briggs type indicator." A system used to classify people by their personality. Each personality type has 4 letters. Here are the letters: E or I, E = extraversion, I = intraversion, S or N, S = Sensor, N= intuitive, T or F, T= thinking, F = feeling, P or J, P = percieving J = Judging. You get 4 of these letters and that determines your personality type. Hell, at least it's more accurate than the enneagram.
my mbti type is enfp. What type are you?
by I LOVE SEX!!!!!!!! December 11, 2003
The MBTI is the personality matrix invented by Catherine Briggs and Isabel Meyers. It expands upon the Jungian idea of archetypes and psychic energy, turning these into the basics of personal identities of 16 diferent types.
The MBTI is explained below:

There are two possible results for each one of the four letters in each type. The letters are:

first letter
E: Extraversion: Prefering the external world.

I: Introversion: Prefering the internal world.

second letter
S: Sensing: Preferingthe phsycial world.

N: iNtuition: Prefering the hypothetical world.

third letter
F: Feeling: Prefering emotionally driven choices.

T: Thinking: Prefering logically driven choices.

Fourth Letter
P: Perceiving: Prefering open ended results.

J: Judging: Prefering finality.

These 8 letters can be combined into 16 diferent ways in groups of 4 with one being from each pair to form the 16 types.
by Lamachus July 05, 2009
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