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The enneagram is composed of nine basic types, wings, and instincts. For example, someone could be a 5 with a 4 wing and a self-preserving instinct. There are two possible wings for either type (one or the other, or both...or neither), three possible instincts, or no instinct or wing at all. Therefore, there are not 9 types or 81 in total, but 288 (9x2x4x4).
Cecilia is a 7w8 sp, which means "type 7 with an 8 wing and a self-preserving instinct."
by Sisyphus Seropolous September 17, 2004
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There are 9 basic types in the Enneagram, each with two wings. That makes 27 types in total. Each type also has either a social, self-preserving, or sexual instinct. That makes 81.
The Enneagram is an ancient system for identifying personality.

"Girl in the know" is a dumbass who doesn't know what she's talking about.
by Milicent Bourdois September 15, 2004
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