A super hot guy, who is usually into music, reggae, plays guitar, ukelele, drums, and sometimes piano. Can sing really well. Really sweet, kind caring, smart, cute, funny. Usually meets their soulmate on Omegle and they make really good couples with girls named Nadia.
"Wow, look at that guy, he looks like a Matthew."
by ilikefoodandunicorns September 25, 2011
Big dick and stronger than an ox, he will fuck you till you squirt all over.
Oh God Matthew that's so veiny and big.
by your mother's lover February 28, 2015
Greek for eternal sex god. Hes sexy athletic hot and he gets all the girls. anyone that holds this name has a great level of skill and ability to perform sexual acts. Hes that one guy who can catch a shoe on his foot even though his foot is 2 sizes bigger.

What nobody knows about Matthew is that hes rescues Baby Pandas from bamboo fires and intercepting missiles over war torn countries with a frisbee. He secretly is a superhero at night. He has a nice toothbrush. Hes so sexy he gets laid everynight.
Girl 1: OMG I want to make love to Matthew

Girl 2: Well u can't

Girl 1: y not
Girl 2: im his wife and I make love ro him everynight
Girl 1: ur so lucky😔
Girl 2: IKR😏
by miniman9532 May 23, 2014
A man who will always know how to treat his girl right. He may flirt with other people but keep in mind that he will always love you more than anyone else in the world! He's hot, sexy, adorable, cute, sweet, smart, funny, athletic etc. Even though he will act like a jerk sometimes it would probably only be that he's in a bad mood. The word "Matthew" actually means a gift of god. You can bet that he is. You'll probably fall in love with him as quick as lightning because of his personality.
Matthew is the sweetest guy I've met.
by DMlover April 18, 2013
One who is fat and collects star wars items including all figures, deathstar anal beads, Princess Leia body pillows, and darth vader dildos.
Guy: dude that new student is such a matthew
Guy 2: i know, i heard he masterbaited to starwars fandoms
by Sheddings February 18, 2015
A Matthew is a guy who is tall, introverted, serious, and somewhat awkward yet mysteriously fuckable. Matthews usually have dark hair. However, there is a special species of Matthews known as the Mullins species which are blond-haired and extroverted. These Matthews are said to have magical social abilities and are well-liked, but regular Matthews are said to be better in bed.
"I really want to fuck a Matthew" - Said every smart person ever.
by bluegreengrass January 12, 2014
He has much less class than zane and the rest of the world. A non classy person
Matthew says he has class but he doesnt
by llamaa=damaaa March 28, 2013

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