An stupid person who likes chicks with dicks
That dumbass is such a Matthew
by thewiseman1017 July 05, 2016
A dog that barks at clouds if they look like a three. Also a chicken that had four eyes and lives in Narnia.
This dog is barking at a could like a matthew
by Manthefan123 May 10, 2016
Matthew is the charming lad that would be the one to be crying out his own name during sex. He has six greasy sausage toes on his middle foot and uses his sausage toes to strum his crusty guitar. he would also be the one to excuse, bless himself, and announce he is welcome after sneezing. Matthews often like to write poems and make juicy excruciating noises when getting out of bed in the mornings. They normally have a fetish for girls that have hairy inner-ears. Matthews are extremely funny and will always answer a question or statement with another question. They also tend to use the words sketchy, gnarley, juicy, moist, crevice, and bruh, when thirsty for the booty.
Matthew: *sneezes* Excuse me, Bless me, I'm welcome.
by SheerSteez November 16, 2014
Someone who looks like the piece of poop that is stuck to the brim of the toilet. They usually make you want to cry. If you meet a Matthew run.
Person 1: Did you see the new kid? I think
his names Matthew.
Person 2: I have to change schools.
by Carla Michealson May 11, 2016
A sexy beast longing to lose his virginity by the age of 10
Really wild and horny Matthew is the guy
by HORNY GIRL July 16, 2015
A man who will always know how to treat his girl right. He may flirt with other people but keep in mind that he will always love you more than anyone else in the world! He's hot, sexy, adorable, cute, sweet, smart, funny, athletic etc. Even though he will act like a jerk sometimes it would probably only be that he's in a bad mood. The word "Matthew" actually means a gift of god. You can bet that he is. You'll probably fall in love with him as quick as lightning because of his personality.
Matthew is the sweetest guy I've met.
by DMlover April 18, 2013
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