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A matthew is typically a cretin,

he runs around lording himself over others as he strives only for himself.

NO ONE EVER gets along with a matthew
Oh my god, he is such a retard!

well, his name is matthew rudd!
by nottherealkandakulu November 07, 2013
He is known as gay in the mom-community. He takes sexual jokes too far. Among the ladies he is totally cool and they all really respect him for his personality, but yet still thirst for his body. He is someone who finds pleasure in tickling. He also pleasures himself with fruits and small animals. He's a pretty ratchet dude. Surprisingly enough, he is a boy scout. He only wears khaki pants and collared shirts on the daily. And of course, he owns a pair of very VERY short cutoff jolts. Oh, and he has a huge DICK.
Have you seen that guy Matthew? My mom thinks he's gay, but I totally wanna bang him.
by Matthew Queer June 08, 2012
A guy who is just plain annoying. This motherfucker has the stankest breath I have ever smelt, and is always coughing and speading is mank breath around like a cloud.
A gaming douschbag who thinks he is just the coolest, when everyone is actually laughing behind his back.
He like stealing internet and looks at alot of porn on his Iphone during lectures.
Guy 1: Yo bro, here have a mint.
Guy 2: Naw bro, I'm cool.
Guy 1: Take the muthafuckin mint! Don't be a Matthew!

Stop speadring that shit round like a Matthew
by Icarus92 November 02, 2012
A mentally handicapped person, who is overly macho, yet doesn't have the balls to take on ANY of his enemies, or live dangerously!!!!
Me: Hey Matthew, step on the gas and stop picking fights with drivers on the road while driving 25 mph.


Me: Stop talking about it, grow a pair, and do it already!!!!

Matthew: UR GONNA GET IT!!!!!!.......eventually *under his breath*
by Bri-A-Lou August 25, 2012
A dumbass, who is really annoying, and almost is a total douche bag.
Girl 1: Stop being such a Matthew.
Boy 1: You did not just go there.
by koolkatzzz June 27, 2012
A retard who likes to steal my animal crackers. He does not like jesus at all. He steals my locker code and opens my locker when he wants to. In total he is a poop.
Girl one: Matthew ERASED JESUS OFF THE BORED!?!?
Girl two: LETS SHOE HIM!!!
by retarded ninja November 28, 2011
Creep; sleazy guy.
A Matthew is any guy who makes unwanted advances on a girl and is, for the most part, a creeper.

This can be broadened to include any guy who is generally weird and who you would not want invading your personal space.
Girl 1: Were there any babes at that party last night?
Girl 2: Nah, they were all total Matthews.
by xxbellaxx June 12, 2011