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Matthew means gift from god, usually a matthew is a sweet and caring guy, he will be very clever and good at sport. Matthews of this type usually only ever love one person, and always will, till their dieing day. Matthews can get very emotional and find it hard to express their feelings, matthews love music.
Oh look at that matthew over there, he's very handsome.
by Kamron Gallet December 29, 2011
The word 'Matthew' is used to discibe someone with a huge cock, we're taking massive here, not a 'healthy size', but fucking huge.'
Girl: "Wooo, either that guy has something rather large in his pocket, or he is a Matthew!"
by gleeisforpussys November 10, 2011
The sweetest boy I've ever known. He's tall, muscular, has sandy brown hair that's fans his forehead and the most marvelous, gorgeous bluish green eyes. He is a fast runner, and loves music, especially the saxophone and the electric guitar. He's super smart, artistic, caring, outgoing and he's the most ideal boyfriend ever. He's the kind who notices instantly when his girlfriend is blue, and knows the quickest way to cheer her up. He calls almost every night to hear his girlfriend's voice and to say good night. Truly, Matthew is the best person ever.
Hey, Matthew, you're probably never going to see this, but I still love you so, so, so much. I don't know how much you loved me, but I really did. I'm sorry for letting you go like that. And if there was something I could do to take it all back, I would. Ever since that moment I hung up on you after breaking it off, my life has been miserable. I miss you, Matt. I don't expect you to ever forgive me, but just know this, I didn't let you go because I hated you, I let you go because I was scared. I'm sorry.
I love you forever.
by Matt's Heart Breaker December 27, 2011
THE AWESOMEST PERSON ALIVE from the root AWESOME in accient GODish so if u think ur awesome look at matthew.
I mean it
matthew is the awesomest EVE-A so dont think ur awesome
cuz compaired to matthew
person: "woah matthew is sooooo awesome"
matthew: "DAMN STRAIT"
by the editor of awesome December 07, 2010
The most AMAZING, cute, kind. loving. caring. sweet, honest, funny, adorable, strong, brave, everything a girl could ever want in her life<3. they're smart, goofy, extraordinary, perfect selves are gentle and always have your back. they're forgiving and kick ass when their loved ones are in danger, getting bullied, or are having melt-downs. If i could tell a Matthew i know it'd be......

~ Matthew W., I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!<3<3(:
by R.Roxx(: June 17, 2012
The hottest guy on earth.... i think im in love with him!
OMG theres matthew
by Lila542 July 27, 2011
Captain Queer the leader of the queers
Matthew is a queer
by Ewok1/838@ July 05, 2014
An absolute gem and someone worth talking to. He is absolutely beyond the realm of perfection and just drop dead gorgeous. Never fails to make you happy and just make your day. Everybody deserves a Matthew in their life because he is such a gentleman and someone worth cherishing. Had a bad day? Talk to Matt because, he'll make it all better. He deserves someone amazing and no-one can ever compete with him because he is an absolutely amazing human being! I'm lost for words because Matt is just asdfghjkl perfect and nice and deserves the absolute best in life.
I hope I meet a Matt someday because I'm sure he'd be one of those people who'd never leave me even in my darkest times. Matt, I've never met you but, already you've had such an impact on my life, you have no idea the effect of simply talking to you has had on me. It's pulled me out of a dark dark hole and I can never even thank you enough for that! You're amazing and Ily Matthew <3 :)
by nanananananananabatmaaaaaaaaan October 06, 2013