There is no spoon
Do you think that is air you're breathing?
by visa September 01, 2003
A square or rectangular arrangement of numbers used in algebra or computer programming. Thus, the basis of the movie the Matrix, in which they enter a computer.
Solve the Matrix
by EvlBloodyMaty November 05, 2003
1. A trilogy of films about the dangers of technology, with influences from religon and philosophy.

2. Star Trek killer, this film is to the Gen X and Y what the themes of Star trek was to the baby boomers.

Unfortunately I cannot tell you what the matrix is, I ahve to who you. So see the movies to learn more.
by Anonymous October 24, 2003
Only the best movie ever made!!!!!!!!!
That is so incredibly MATRIX!!!!! It freaking ROCKS!!!
by IamTheEnd September 12, 2003
A complex series of single, and non value digits composed in a computer axcessable programing code.

A weird movi a crappy sequel and bug filled game.
by Mike Butler August 31, 2003
U will have to see for yourself.
"what is the matrix?"
"I will not tell you." - morpheus
"can i have a hot dog"
"No." - morpheus
"u suck"
by J.Lew July 03, 2003
The dodging of any type of projectile
Rob: (throws can at Dave)
Dave: (dodges) MATRIX!
by derwyk September 30, 2005
A facking awesome paintball marker. The most popular matrix as of yet is the Dye Matrix, which evolved in 2004 as the DM4 or Dye Matrix 4(duh). It has continued as the DM5 and DMC, which are some of the most advanced paintball markers on the market. A Matrix is referred to as a 'Trix on occasion.
I Pw3nz00red you with my Matrix!!1!one1!!eleventyone!!1
by Grandmachinksker August 17, 2005

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