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doing a ' mathura-jeffree' known in New Zealand for someone who is the 'star' of a show or stands out from the crowd with effortless ease. Refers to the New Zealand model, actor and television presenter Colin Mathura-Jeffree.
we were all on television, smiling and answering questions and he just stood there, all eyes focused on him, doing a right Mathura-Jeffree grabbing all the attention with his clothes and hair!
by Joannalexus December 25, 2009
In New Zealand this term is a byword for a talentless douch-bag who will go to great extremes to be noticed by any sort of B-grade NZ media. A shameless and excruciating bell-end who is easily confused by 'fashion', and 'looks like a clown with a mullet'.
Chur bro I was surfing the mega-net last night, came accross a website called Hot Chicks with Douch Bags, there were some primo mathura-jeffree's on there!!
by CastleMilkStout February 06, 2010
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