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doing a ' mathura-jeffree' known in New Zealand for someone who is the 'star' of a show or stands out from the crowd with effortless ease. Refers to the New Zealand model, actor and television presenter Colin Mathura-Jeffree.
we were all on television, smiling and answering questions and he just stood there, all eyes focused on him, doing a right Mathura-Jeffree grabbing all the attention with his clothes and hair!
by Joannalexus December 25, 2009
refers to the New Zealand based media darling Colin Mathura-Jeffree, who has the uncanny ability to be fabulous at everything and be everywhere at all times. His image is instantly recognisable and in New Zealand a new COLINisation has been welcomed with open arms.
every man in New Zealand now takes a little more time getting dressed, trying to do a Mathura-Jeffree thanks to the COLINisation of our print and electronic media. The world better watch out...he's coming!!
by Joannalexus January 24, 2010
Reality television show from New Zealand that searches for a Top Model, has stood out, turned heads and become shit hot thanks to judge Colin Mathura-Jeffree. His individual style and charm has made him THE face of television in New Zealand. Everyone strives to do a 'Mathura-Jeffree' at least once a day!
New Zealand's Next Top Model has three judges, Colin, Mathura and Jeffree! if he ain't on I ain't watching
by Joannalexus January 23, 2010

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