my nap time (this part is just filler because urban dictionary thinks that was too short)
3rd period is math class, better catch up on 50 minutes of sleep...
by MikeTazer March 26, 2008
a class that is really pointless since the invention of the calculator and the computer
"Jim whats the cubic route of 987•672 and no using your calculator!" "and i need to know this WHY?"
by randomoldman November 22, 2003
in my opinion schools dont need teach math anymore because of calculators and the advanced technology we have today. doing math in your head takes too long and ruins a child's life everyday. and technology is easy and takes seconds. so there really no need for those big senseless textbooks, depressing homework, and stressful standardized tests. well that was my opinion for the definition see hell.
tom: have you seen billy?

janette: didnt you hear?

tom: no, wht happened?

janette: billy died in math class this morning. his brain exploded. i was there.

*moment of silence for billy*
by ernest9089 November 28, 2009
Math class is for nerds.

"although its true, jackass, that i have never used calculus in a supermarket, i do use it and trigonometry in my 3d animation work and programming, making more in a day that you do all year flipping burgers"

Which brings us to the definition of English class... Poor bastard. ;-)
Gee, I wish I'd taken English instead of math class.
by stratus August 07, 2004
The place where I got my afternoon naps.
Besides addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, higher level math is absolutely worthless to the everyday Joe. When's the last time you used Calculus at the supermarket or ever?
by Zzzzzzz... October 03, 2003
the time set aside in the school day for students to daydream, doodle, and pass notes
Hey, I wrote you this in math class.
by Queen Of Ambiguity September 22, 2002
A retardedly fun class despite it being less useful than say, computer literacy, contrary to popular belief.
y = mx + b *shotforbeinganalgebra2nerd*
by dj gs68 October 16, 2003
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