A synonym for nap time.
I fell asleep in math class.
noun: a class where people either teach or are taught math. a mandatory class in US public school systems
I fell asleep in math class again.
by Kerp March 06, 2004
A class teaching a variety of concepts like algebra, geometry, etc.
The math class taught so much advanced algebra.
by program4 October 24, 2010
the place to learn mathematics, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, modern algebra, and others.
although its true, jackass, that i have never used calculus in a supermarket, i do use it and trigonometry in my 3d animation work and programming, making more in a day that you do all year flipping burgers
by visual77 October 16, 2003
a modern form of torture used to subjugate and enforce the rules of "acad-e-mic-s" upon the slobbering youths
Bob feared his math class, and thus did not attend the gathering of defunkified zombies, instead opting to go and visit the bathroom for between 45-120 minutes
by Ghandi September 23, 2002
A place created to torture students. Unlike the ever entertaining science class, which very fun and we play games to renew our attention spans in, we sit and do nothing but add. I don't KNOW what Y is. Why are you asking me, math? I would very much like to use my math book as an archery target.
In science:
Teacher: Alright guys, stand up. Were going to play trench warfare!
Everyone: SWEEET!
In math class:
Teacher: b+42/pi-4,679.333333333*14. Find X
Me: Oh this will be easy*Grabs calculator*
Teacher: No calculators
Me: SERIOUSLY! ...*Daydreams*
by A suffering ADHD kid. May 28, 2011
A geart source of inspiration for poets.
I wrote the best poem ever in math class today.
by roflcopters July 07, 2005

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