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when someone asks to mate with you..they want to fuck
"hey your hot ,lets mate?"
by tori ann September 17, 2006
engaging in intercourse usually to make babies, but can be used when talking about casual sex or to describe a slut.
That girl has so much make up on, her boobs are popping out, and her skirt is so short I can almost see up it. She totally wants to mate.
by shmaters gee April 12, 2009
Expression of exasperation or sadness.
Ah, mate!
by rgscdhtgr April 04, 2011
ausie friend
g'day mate!
by Big White November 11, 2003
It is a Nickname For Daniel
Translation---ALRIGHT DANIEL!
by isuckyourtmother February 17, 2010
a word that is commonly used by irish males,generally between the ages of twenty one up to the mid thirties.

it is a word that has only come to light over previous years,and is generally used when a male does not want to become very well attached to another individual (another male) ,often heard in the workplace,a bar,a nightclub,on a street corner,a pool hall,anywhere really.

The word "mate" is used in a completley different way from its use in Austrailia and new Zealand,and also Great Britain,and is not to be confused.

(chiefly used in the north/south dublin area,and its leafy suburbs)
"Alrite mate,whats the craic? you never got back to me."

"ah not much happenin' here,look mate,id better head off,im up to me eyeballs in work,seeya mate"

"whats the story mate? what were you doin' slackin' off work??"
by Roland808 January 27, 2009
When something is favourable, that thing is mate.
Aw mate, that was fuckin' well mate.
My mate? He's mate, mate.
by Womsam December 04, 2007