In Ghana, West Africa, this would be the conductor of a Tro-Tro. The mate collects bus fares, makes change, signals stops, arranges passengers and advertizes the tro-tro route, simultaneously.
Passenger: "Mate, Bus-stop, Atomic Junction"

Translation: Mate, could you please stop the van at Atomic Junction (name of a bus stop).

Mate: Pounds on door (and driver stops)

Passenger: Meedaase.

Translation: Thank-you
by & March 29, 2006
Pronouced like Ma-ddie ]

A Bawm Ass Singer Who Is SUPER HELLA GORGEOUS And Super Obsessed With Twilight!
Like No Joke !!
Dayummmmmm. She Sings Like A Mate !!
by A.R.R June 27, 2009
Originating from a certain public school which might be somewhere in the south of England perhaps, this is usually shouted at someone who has none. When yelled, it means "aha, you have no friends."
After a bad joke: "Oh, mates Jim."

OR, when talking about someone, "oh yeah, Jim has mates."

Except we come from good backgrounds therefore know nobody by the name of Jim.
by Ed W, who is Lord November 09, 2004
Adjective, when something is mate, that thing is good.
Oh mate, this cake is well mate.
by Grimshaw November 20, 2007
A word stolen by Australians from the English. A common word used in Australia, said to be an "aussie saying". This is a lie, it originated from England!
Hey mate, i'm only calling you mate because i live in Australia and think its an "aussie" thing to say, but really i stole it from England!
new zealandish for friend, male OR female!
me and my mates are headed down to the mall
by CrAzY mIDgEt March 15, 2004
1) Australian slang greeting between friends that is actually used quite often, although stereotype rejecting Australians claim we don't
2) A person you are very close to, whom they trust above all others. A person may only have one mate
1) G'day Mate

2) Person A: Mate did I tell you what that Sheila said to me yesterday?
Person B: Nah mate, here sit down and tell me over a beer
by Aina_Seraphim May 22, 2015

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