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1. Ghanaian slag for the popular form of public transit. Tro-tros take the form of large vans converted to seat 12-14 passengers. They are operated by a driver and mate and work along pre-defined routes. The system is best described as organized chaos.
Today I had to wait in line at Circle for 2 hours to catch the Tro-tro to Legon.
by & March 29, 2006
Trotro (Ghana)

*Alias "Troski"
*Pronounced: "Traw-traw" (like the word 'draw')

Private-owned buses and vans that act as the biggest and cheapest means of inter-city mass transportation in Ghana. The buses are typically minibuses or vans, with the most popular being Nissan Urvan 15-seaters and Mercedes Benz Sprinter or D 309 vans. Seating arrangements typically include:

• two "front seats" up by the driver's seat
• about 4 rows of longer bench seats with the bus conductor (called the "Mate") at the seat closest to the vehicle door.

The word may have been derived from the Ga (Gà) word "tro" meaning "pesewa" (the smallest unit of Ghanaian currency), given the trotro's status as a cheap means of transportation.

Trotros are typically decorated with flags and stickers of various countries or (local and international) soccer teams, and with witty sayings, wisecracks, local proverbs or Bible verses printed on the bus's rear.

1. How did you get here? / I took a trotro.

2. His day couldn't have been worse. While waiting in that heavy downpour to grab a taxi, he was assailed with mud and dirty rain water by a speeding trotro. To Boat's annoyance, the only "apology" he got from the mate's mouth was an energetic "Circ-Kanesh."
by that233soulsister January 21, 2011
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