typical argentine drink, similar to tea but served in a very different way. people drink it in groups, like families, specially on sundays
vamo' a tomar unos mates vieja?
by Cecilia October 01, 2004
Casual form of address between males in the United Kingdom
Can I help you mate ?
by r. jones June 10, 2003
friend. Though its origins are widely disputed, it is a British word, brought over to Australia by the convicts, then some Kiwi tourist stole it.
England: "This is John, he's my mate."
Australia: "G'day mate!"
Kiwiland: "YOUR MY MATE?!!!!!!!!111!1!1!111!!"
by Taylor R August 18, 2005
old cockney word evolved from 'shipmate'
first used way back when great britain ruled the waves.
popular in australia because the first white ozzys were unfortunate cockneys sent by the english establishment to turn australia into a civilization.
land a-hoy shipmate became land a-hoy mate.
by shakes spear August 22, 2007
Used in Australia and the United Kingdom, Particularly England and Wales

1.Meaning a friend or acquaintance.

2.Can be used to address somebody if you do not know the persons name
1 "I'm going to the park with my mates" or "She's just my mate"

2 "Excuse me mate, do you have the time?"
by welshyrob April 02, 2008
1. Sometimes used in England and Australia as a synonym for "Friend".

2. A movie my friend who I will call L and her sister who I will call A made and it was really bad but funny to watch because we played like every character and we tried to feed A to a vicious chipmunk and it was very mental but fun.
L, A and I: Hahahaah

L and A's mom: What are you laughing at

L: Mates
by Hyper Chick January 21, 2005
1. A friend or companion.
2. A slang in the UK and Australia used with both friends and common people.
3. A sexual partner.
4. (If your a girl) Your lesbian sex mate that you have bit on her ear to mark her.
5. The origin of the internet word m8.
1. Hey mate wan't a beer?
2. Hey mate wan't a beer?
3. Hey Sofie.. Wanna mate?
4. Your my mate!! ^.^ (Usualy followed by lot's of oral sex)
5. 5up m8!!111
by bobby bobby bobsalot September 19, 2008

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