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A city or an area where masturbation happens frequently, publicly or otherwise.
"Man, I wish there were more girls around here. Sucks being stuck deep in Masturnation."

"It's not the single masturbater thats the problem, being in Masturnation is the problem."
by Whuffhunter420 March 29, 2012
when you use the flag of the united states of america to clean up jizz after you masturbate
oh that was a squirter. good thing i have my flag right here so i can be a masturnator and practice masturnation
by authorofthedictionary November 17, 2010
Masturnation: noun, the form of jerking off that President Obama has done all over and around the USA, repeatedly.
I wonder when this constant masturnation from President Obama will end.
by Salty Pirate9 April 06, 2010

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