Someone who studies masturbation and earns a degree in it.
I have a masturcations degree and I specialize in masturbation.
by May 24, 2012
Top Definition
to masticate (eat) and masturbate at the same time.
I had to make the meeting at three, and there was not time to eat and masturbate, so i masturcated.
by djtrurasta March 01, 2005
synonym for mastabbatical; a shorter "vacation" from hands-on satisfaction (masturfaction)
He had been feeling tired during the day, so he decided he needed a short masturcation; he benefitted so much from his masturcation that he then went on a 3-month mastabbatical.
by Mr. Punderful January 14, 2014
Similar to rusty trombone. The act of simultaneously eating feces and playing with one's self.
"The young boy learned quickly the pleasure of eating shit and jerking it; the magical world of masturcation."
by ireallydontcareabootit June 11, 2008
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