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When a person is attractive enough for another person to be able to masturbate to them.
"That girl/guy is maturbatable because they are so attractive."
by onethinwallaway September 25, 2004
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Worth considering while masturbating.
Street: Man who sit on toilet, high on pot.
Wil: Thats masturbatable.
by kgnrp February 25, 2011
When it is debatable whether or not you could masturbate over the subject or not.

Dame Edna in a swimsuit: masturbatable.
dude 1: damn that chicks hot!

dude 2: thats my mum

dude 1: thats masturbatable
by Sam Etabrut November 20, 2012
When someone is debatable to masturbate to.
Look at that girl over there, ya she is masturbatable
by Heteroflexible009 January 22, 2012
Any items utilized in a person’s masturbation repertoire. Items could include but are not limited to; pornographic materials, lubricants, dildos, phalluses, inflatable partners, pocket pussies, and lingerie catalogs.
I’m heading to the porn shop to pick up some masturbatables.

Hey mister what kind of masturbatables you got? It’s been a while since I rubbed one out.
by Uncle Dewy G January 22, 2011

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