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1. A description of the behavior of a white person playing the victim in a racial discussion.


2. Crying like a white girl to get your way.
1. You: Statistics show that black people use drugs at the same rate as whites, but are 10 times more likely to go to jail for it.
White person: Well, some homeless guy called me a cracker once, so it goes both ways. In fact, YOU are the racist for even bringing this up! *White tears*

2. I was going to fail my class since I hadn't turned in any work since October, but I cried some white tears to my professor and he let me pass.
by KittenPower November 03, 2013
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I think it could be a synonym for cum, stored in some kind of case, maybe a sock.
There's her hand now on the cock sock
Filled with white tears from the thrift store

from the song "Carolina" by Adam Green
by urmel aus dem bunker July 08, 2005

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