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verb. To quickly rub one out if you have been waiting for someone or something for an extended period of time. (30 min. to 1 hr.)
I heard from Ashley that Joe admitted he was masterwaiting until she arrived 10 minutes late.
by Coke-a Cola December 24, 2010
Is when you are Masturbating, and waiting for your crap to come out of your ass.
Dude! I was just Master-Waiting in the Bathroom and I wasted all the toilet paper on my cum and had none left to whipe my ass!
by Hello . April 13, 2011
the act of waiting for your family or roommate to leave the house so that you can masturbate.
axel was masterwaiting all day cuz his roommate wouldn't leave. he didnt get to jerk it once.
by axel123 April 21, 2010
when you trying to jack off but things keep bothering you causing you to have to cover up and start again.
"dude are you done yet" "ya finally my phone kept ringing i was masterwaiting for a while there"
by misticman February 16, 2011
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