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when you trying to jack off but things keep bothering you causing you to have to cover up and start again.
"dude are you done yet" "ya finally my phone kept ringing i was masterwaiting for a while there"
by misticman February 16, 2011
Noun. diffrent veriations of the word Bro
Brotocon is a Brotocon so is Browsky,Broton,Broflcopter....ect
by misticman December 07, 2010
When one fills a cup with all the fountain drinks
"dude this soda tastes like shit what is it?"

"calm your nips its a McDraank
by misticman December 07, 2010
Noun. how much of a Bro somebody is to much Bromanship is bad it shows you have no life outside your other bro's.
"dude, thanks for saving me i needed that condom, nice Bromanship"
by misticman December 07, 2010

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