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Widely uncommonly misspelt form of masturbator
It's spelt with a "u" and an "o," idiots.
by Joe February 27, 2005
n. title given to he who can masturbate and feel no shame, whose penis' texture is like leather, predict his exact point of ejaculation, can get it under 30 seconds, does not break a sweat, and will occaisionally yawn while doing it
Jody thought Jacob was the true MASTERbater when she caught him masturbating and pressing a pair of slacks while talking on the phone selling timeshares in Florida.
by Jupiter Armstrong April 17, 2004
Being the best at bating. An absolute master, to be exact. You must not act like a douche, you must just bate. And bate well. Very well. what is bating? if you do not know, you will not find out.
I am the master bater. bow down to me, or i will mumble mumble.
by white brown! May 03, 2010
Masterbater, also known as a Kitty killer, is a man who gives himself sexual pleasure by himself by taking his hand and rubbing the penis until the pleasure is acheived.
Ed is a masterbater and will masterbate at anytime he can.
by Grim January 20, 2005
A guy who baits his team-mates in counter-strike and counter-strike source, also any other fucking fps game.
Ha! I'm a smart masterba!ter, im not gonna run in there and die like the fuckers on my team that i baited.
by aldin September 27, 2007
One, who feels the need to touch and feel upon himself/herself, in order to get sexual pleasure.
See: masterbate
The kid across the street is a damn masterbater, did you ever smell his hands?
by OneHungryHungryHippo May 04, 2004
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