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1. Not only to be drunk, but to be drunk to such an extent that, upon entering the local chinese restaurant, you mistake a group of tamil guys for jamaicans and ask them in a low grunt "yo are you mashed"

2. Getting hit upside the head after calling a group of tamils jamaican
"he was so mashed he asked those jamaicans if they were mashed"
"those were tamils u idiot, what are you mashed?"
by UrBan_deFineR November 10, 2005
11 39
Seriously drunk, or high on drugs to an extreme point
"I'm mashed off me face."
by Mad Walrus August 04, 2002
312 67
completely out of it, after excess alcohol or marijuana.
shit man, i was complete mashed last night..
by richard January 25, 2004
90 48
adj. to be drunk on alcohol and stoned on marijuana (cannabis) at the same instant
he got mashed, was playin xbox last nite wiv the lads, then terry brought a few eighths round and it all went a bit wheeee!
by tiesto August 14, 2004
92 74
Inebriated by any form of drug that inhibits a 'normal' type of human perception.
I don't think I'll drive tonight, I'm too mashed.
by Julian Farrelly November 13, 2006
47 32
Term Expressed When Someone Is Under the Influence of Drugs And Alcohol And Is Incredibly Out Of It.
"Crazy Night Last Night, I Got So Mashed"
by PikeyHoedown June 09, 2009
16 12
he was so mashed
by justanothersomebody March 11, 2003
33 36
where a fat bitch gets screwed so hard the fat creases on her ass get a rash
fuck me she got mashed
by the creator of words December 05, 2010
8 16