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A person of ambiguous sexuality
That bloke's a right marto. Bangs on about women all the time but is far too well groomed for his own good. And runs like a girl.
by Elvina November 06, 2003
(n) similar to a deposit
He scrubbed and scrubbed, but the marto on the office sofa proved resistant to even industrial strength cleaning products.
by the pixie November 10, 2003
(n) A branding mark indicating that an individual has been
pre-selected as a victim for (often unwanted) advances. The mark is usually
displayed in the form of a numerical symbol eg 9.
"I really like that girl on the 4th floor." "I know what you mean but you're
too late. The poor girl's already been martoed"
by ian kitts November 10, 2003
to go bright red when it has been widely broadcast around an office that you have been having sex with colleagues on company property, especially the company showers - from the posh pronunciation of Tomato.

Also from the individual most likely to have committed the offence (J Marto Martin).
"Man - that dude from accounts is marto - he was doing that bird from marketing in the company showers and the cleaner caught him"
by BSC November 03, 2003
(v) To use ones partner as a kitchen cleaning implement
After he had martoed with her the counter top was clean and shiny
by the professor November 10, 2003
Inconcievable 'choking' during a competitive sport. Typically squash.
"I can't believe it, had the match virtually won and then I went and Marto-ed it".
by iack November 05, 2003
Person who runs like a girl.

Derived from individual first noted for running like a girl (J Marto Martin)
"I don't want 'so-and-so' in our footy team - he's a marto"
by iack November 04, 2003