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portugal..often forgotten, but LADIES, you will find the BEST MEN in Portugal- charming, friendly, and seductive. Surely the only men who havent forgotten what "romance" was all about.
Besides that...portugal is the most chilled laid back country in Europe, explaining why its fall behind economically...
it has the friendliest people in all of Europe
Is a country definately worth visiting and falling in love with
Portuguese men have broken my heart one too many times...but I still love them.
But portuguese is a funny and wierd language
by brrrr February 26, 2005
the best duo since prehistorical times. I dont categorize them into rap, hip hop, pop or whatever...they have their own category that only they belong to. I dunno where they get their funky tunes and random lyrics from- but dem sure have TALENT (something that dont exist no more)
Aint nobody dope as me, I feel so fresh so clean...I love when you stare at me, I feel so fresh so clean clean...
by brrrr February 18, 2005
A verbal exercise involving the pronounciation of OOOUUHHS and AAAAHHHS and YESSSSS and
oooooooooooh aaaaaaaaaaaaaah yesssssssssss
by brrrr February 15, 2005
best import/export/produce is GORGEOUS MEN! Especially the islands like Madeira+Porto Santo. Its paradise visually for us ladies!!!!
When I visited Portugal, it was the first time I wanted to do multiple dating
by brrrr March 05, 2005
One who likes to fantasise over female executives at a senior level, e.g. Managing Director of London based PR firms
Although not that much to look at, he could not help feeling a marto when she talked about her obsession with balding account directors
by Brrrr November 04, 2003
Likes to show us he can spell his name "S.N.double O.P D.O.double G"
adds "izzle" to the end of every word.
Hey look guys! I know how to spell: S.N.double O.G D.O.double G! Now lets get blown!
by brrrr February 15, 2005
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