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fashionable cigarette brand favoured by supermodels like kate moss and celebs like mary-kate olsen and mischa barton, can be seen backstage at any fashion show...often teenage fashion followers pick up on the trend and are only seen smoking "marlboro" often a replacement for food amongst anorexics

commonly known as "marlboro" or "marlboro's"
boy:what do u smoke?
girl:like oh my god marlboro lights what else? if there good enough for kate there good enough for me

super skinny model:darling could i ask for a marlboro light please im dying thanks hunni
#{cigarettes #anorexic #model #kate moss #fashion
by ~*~KM2~*~ May 08, 2006
Bitch cigarettes.
You - "I smoke marlboro lights, reds are too strong"
Me - "Bitch."
#cigarette #marlboro #marlboro reds #smoking #smokes
by marlman October 20, 2009
cigarettes for pussies. not even worth smoking, really.
stupid prep bitch: "i like marlboro lights because im too scared of cancer to smoke anything else."
#cig #fag #smoke #cancer stick #fuck
by stoner_in_kc March 27, 2007
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