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1. Twenty dollars of a drug in a baggie, usually marijuana.

2. A kick in the testicles.

3. Testicles.

4. In football when a quarterback is sacked twice in a row; double sack.
dub sack n. v.

1. "Wanna go halves on a dubsack?"

2. "Hey, remember when that girl dubsacked you in the parking lot at Sheldon?"

3. "That bitch was all up on my dubsack."

4. "Son of a bitch got dubsacked!"
by TuanTuan October 16, 2005
The preferred cigarette of many young second generation Asians on the West Coast. Also Marlboro Lights. Many older first generation Asian men smoke triple-5s. See 555.
"Let's go shoot pool, hang out at Q-Cup, and smoke our Marlboro Menthol Lights. God, we're so Asian."
by TuanTuan November 02, 2005
A British imported brand of cigarettes that are mostly smoked by Asian OGs (old guys/original gangsters/etc.), particularly Vietnamese OGs on the West Coast. Most second generation younger Asians smoke menthols or lights. Triple-5's are also smoked by "fobs" (fresh off the boat immigrants who don't speak english).
"Triple-555s? What are you, fifty? Now you're ganna tell me you drink Heinekin. Fuck beer."
"Let's go to Q-Cup and drink pearl tea and smoke menthols."
"Yeah, Linh's smoking triple-5s now. She's always hanging around the fobs now. What a fob-wannabe."
by TuanTuan October 31, 2005
The first night in which ghetto carnivals open revealing old, rusty rides that have not been used in a year or have even been safety inspected. You just gotta wait until someone dies.
"I'm fucking hardcore man! I'm going on the rides on suicide night!"
"And I'm ganna wait a week until your ass dies in the Tilt-A-Whirl so I can ride it when they fix it after they pry your cold, dead body from the tangled metal and wire."
"I'm too high for this shit."
"Your mom goes to college."
by TuanTuan October 31, 2005
"all on a bitch"

Huge all black gang in Sacramento, CA.
"It seems like a lot of gangs have three letter abbreviations."
"Yeah, that's about right."
"Like AOB."
"Yeah, like AOB."
"Alright then."
by TuanTuan November 03, 2005
To share a cigarette since none of our broke ass motherfucking asses can afford a goddamn pack of cigarettes.
"Ay, you wanna piece a cigarette?"
"Can I piece your girlfriend?"
"Fuck you."
by TuanTuan October 31, 2005
Imported beer preferred by Asians, particularly OGs (old guys, original gangsters) and fobs (fresh off the boat immigrants) and particularly Vietnamese.
"Aww shit, Johnny's drinking Heinekens and smoking triple-5s with the fobs. Fob-wannabe."
by TuanTuan October 31, 2005

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