Middle aged rock festival!! As seen on the Fairly Odd Parents, Timmy's Mom, Dad, and Mr. Crocker go to it. It is also where Timmy finds the all powerful White guitar wand to fight the darkness.
Were're going to M.a.r.f.!!!
What's Marf?
Middle aged rock festival!!!
by GoAskAlice7 July 29, 2009
An expression of depression, boredom, or general dissatisfaction with your life or current situation
"Hey man, what's up?"
"Oh? What's wrong?"
"Feeling crappy, don't know why"
by kimberkid October 29, 2006
The famous Arseish word 'marf' is commonly used by BadAsses of the United Badgers Association. Meaning "sex" or "fuck", it can be used in a variety of sentences. Other words find it's root in 'marf', such as 'marfut', marfer, 'ubermarfer' and 'merf'. Please use accordingly.
Oi Badgerstaff! Fancy a marf?
by Alex K. August 19, 2003
A man scarf
Hey dude, that marf looks really great with your outfit.
by tkay14 January 13, 2013
Someone who has Marfan Syndrome. Commonly used with in group of people.
I'm hanging with my Marfs.
by MarfMan August 09, 2012
A small amount of regurgitated stomach contents (barf), that is not thrown up with much force. The contents only make it as far as your mouth. The "m" for mouth is substituted for the "b" in barf, hence marf. Usually you don't know it's coming and it is commonly simultaneous with a burp or hiccup. Can be used as a verb or a noun.
Neal: Uhhh, i just barfed in my mouth.
Peter: Ya, marf tastes pretty fucking gross.
by mgchnds September 14, 2011
stuff food in your face with no discretion or regard for quantity whatsoever
"i marfed that box of mac and cheese"

"ima marf this bbq chicken"

Me:"Where are my cheese puffs?"

You: " I marfed them all"
by daveydtheemc June 14, 2011

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