douche, bitch, choch, chode, lame, etc.
Dude, you're such a marf.
by 2014_chiguy December 09, 2007
defined by Adrian Glenn of Birmingham, UK in 2003, the word marf is an alternative for the word ''retard''.
1) You're such a marf Facey!!!
2) Dude that is marfed up
3) You fat-headed marfenoid
by Adrian Glenn January 02, 2005
Mouth Fart, A burp that smells bad or rotten.
Your mom Marfed and it smelled like lunch meat and rotten socks!
by DJ KRUNCH! October 11, 2007
a sacred word used instead of the word f***/sex/bonk, ect. Generally used by ?Badgers and Bad Asses
1)Keanu Reeves is pretty MARFy, no?
2)You are a motherMARFer
3)I enjoy MARF
by Lizz August 19, 2003
The sound a hairlip dog makes when it barks.
"...marf, marf, MARF!!!"
by Beavis_H_Christ April 09, 2004
To vomit, as in when one has had too many shots of cheap tequila or equivalent substance.
Dude, did you see _____ last night? After $2 rail night at the Virginian, she marfed all over herself!
by The Pebble December 04, 2003
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