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The sexual interaction between two men.
"Man, i'm going to make sweet mansechs to him tonight."
by ennervate April 07, 2004
When a man porks another guy in the shitter.
I had manches with G.I.Bro
by K.I.L.E.R December 08, 2003
Engaging in sexual intercourse with a male.
The TheFleshRocket really likes mansechs.
by Berticus February 21, 2003
The act or acts of two or more white pasty faced nerds engaging in online male intercourse.
Irhpctas:TIME FOR MANSSECHS!!!1!11one
Berticus:YAY, i wanna be on top
JiTRiF :OMFG, thats nasty
by JiTRiF October 11, 2003
Sexual Intercourse between to males
W.B - I love you so much A.C we should have Mansechs
A.C. - I agree lets
by PTJurra June 16, 2011
The process by which two or more male homo-(sexuals)sapiens fornicate. See also - Manbits, Manchap, Manhole, Sechs.
"digby, we mansechs now pal1?!!?"
by digsy September 02, 2003
When 2 males, have intercourse..
Other words of interest: butsechs
biohazzard likes to have mansechs with S0V13T
by Zackhary June 03, 2003