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When a man porks another guy in the shitter.
I had manches with G.I.Bro
by K.I.L.E.R December 08, 2003
60 21
Engaging in sexual intercourse with a male.
The TheFleshRocket really likes mansechs.
by Berticus February 21, 2003
34 10
The sexual interaction between two men.
"Man, i'm going to make sweet mansechs to him tonight."
by ennervate April 07, 2004
17 8
The act or acts of two or more white pasty faced nerds engaging in online male intercourse.
Irhpctas:TIME FOR MANSSECHS!!!1!11one
Berticus:YAY, i wanna be on top
JiTRiF :OMFG, thats nasty
by JiTRiF October 11, 2003
15 13
Sexual Intercourse between to males
W.B - I love you so much A.C we should have Mansechs
A.C. - I agree lets
by PTJurra June 16, 2011
1 0
The process by which two or more male homo-(sexuals)sapiens fornicate. See also - Manbits, Manchap, Manhole, Sechs.
"digby, we mansechs now pal1?!!?"
by digsy September 02, 2003
5 5
When 2 males, have intercourse..
Other words of interest: butsechs
biohazzard likes to have mansechs with S0V13T
by Zackhary June 03, 2003
6 6