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Drop your firewall and let me through your backdoor and i'll give you all the RAM you need.
Buttercup: I need some RAM :D
JiTRiF : No thnx
by JiTRiF November 09, 2003
The most annoying way to make someone shutup who thinks you're cheating, or is freaking out, is to repeat kthnxgg after everything they say.
Berticus:D00d, you were sooo cheating
JiTRiF :Kthnxgg
JiTRiF :Kthnx
JiTRiF :gg
by JiTRiF October 13, 2003
The act or acts of two or more white pasty faced nerds engaging in online male intercourse.
Irhpctas:TIME FOR MANSSECHS!!!1!11one
Berticus:YAY, i wanna be on top
JiTRiF :OMFG, thats nasty
by JiTRiF October 11, 2003
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