A napkin folded together so if you cough or sneeze, the little run comes out and gets caught by the napkin.
Big Black (From the show Rob and Big) "I had 40 hot wings last night. So I had to manpon it up."
by Justin Dig December 26, 2006
When a guy has a raw ass, and his undies are swetty he will fold a piece a poop paper and place it between his cheeks. Also works for days when farts are wet.
Dude my ass is raw as hell. I am going to run in the bathroom and make myself a manpon. Whew that fart was juicy, glad I got my manpon in.
by T-Man Whitey November 02, 2009
the solution to LBS (leeky butt syndrome-- definition also found on urbandictionary.com)

when a man has such bad diahrrea he wads up toilet paper and covers the anal cavaty as to not leek diahrrea into his boxers.
"man we drank so much last night!"
"yeah dude. i've got LBS so bad i have to put in a manpon when i go to class!"
by mike the magnificent August 22, 2007
To insert a towel or wash rag of some sort in ones rectal cheeks to prevent a shart and/or liquidy number 2's
One is out all night drinking and partying and has visited the bathroom more then once experiencing explosive diarea, thats when a MAN-pon comes in handy.. it is keeping it from leakage.
by Mr.Fantastic- March 25, 2008
Placing toilet paper or any other absorbing material in the ass crack to soak up sweat during the day.
Man, my ass sweats at work and I have that "not so fresh feeling". This hairnet is a great manpon!
by Hated November 12, 2007
Used in Correctional Facilities-Wad of toilet paper inserted into ones ass to keep from leaking if one has had his O-ring blown out too many times.
that dude has been punked so many times he needs a manpon.
by pseudostan May 17, 2011
when a highly spicy food causes a man to have such bad diarrhea that he has to use a tampon in his ass. a.k.a. "manpon".
man #1 says to other: "whoah that chili was so hot i needed to use a manpon to stop the diarrhea".
man #2: "i know i had to use one yesterday after i ate those spicy tacos."
by katis June 19, 2009

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