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If female, very outgoing, confident and intelligent. Successful in what ever she chooses to do due to her determination. Very appealing to the opposite sex, although can be intimidating. Gets what she wants when she wants it. If male, not very smart due to misspelling of own name.
Ricki Lake
by smoggysunshine February 04, 2010
The type of guy who seems really blokey bloke but behind closed doors will get out his girlfriends favorite pink fluffy bra and strut his stuff in front of the mirror after freshly waxing while listening to Darryl Braithwaite. This guy likes to blame weight gain on a few pies over lunch.
That guy is a total Ricki, he just needs to come clean to his girlfriend already.
by theterrible2 September 08, 2010
The most Über pro CoD player in the world, everyone likes to bitch about his l33t skills.
A: fuck you Ricki for being so good i hate you.
B: Stop bitching just because you dont have my l33t skills.
by Mr KK October 13, 2010
1. to project vomit onto a wall while moving (walking/running/skipping etc..) or going upstairs

- used as "to pull a ricki"
after having consumed a few beers and 1 last fatal cigarette, this chick totally pulled a ricki on dan's wall
by rant_ master_dan March 22, 2008
Most common as a boys name. If female, usually spelled wrong like ricky, rikki, rickie, etc. Mostly a female (since guys are spelled with a y not i). In example: Ricki Lake. A female in most cases, but very few, enjoy talking a lot.
-Hey Ricki whats up?
-Would you ever shutup Ricki?
-How you doing ricky?
-Omg your so annoying Ricki!
Person: "Hey Rikki"
Ricki: "its R-I-C-K-I"!
by ricki beezy November 19, 2007
An overweight white girl who wears too much eye liner, puts too much product in her hair and sleeps with black men. Named after guests on the Ricki Lake show.
Who is Darryl dating?

Some ricki. She is white trash.
by Ricki Lake Show Observer March 19, 2010
Ricki is a female. That funny and when it comes to someone sad she tries her best to make the person smile she is really beautiful / sexy independent and likes to fight she cares about her family and will not take no for a answer but will not cry when no is the answer she doesn't give any fucks she does her own people hate on her always if she has a problem she will say it straight up she is not scared she is knows to have big boobs and ass gets guys always a guy will be lucky to have her
Omg !! You see ricki she is so pretty

He is so lucky to have a ricki !
by Trueshit July 11, 2016
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