A tampon for a mans bunghole. Used to plug ones butt
Wow dude. That kinda hurt. I need a manpon now
by bitch tities November 11, 2008
The insinuation that a man is acting like a pussy, derived from the stereotype that a woman having her period is a bitch.
Tony: But that mom joke you told hurt my feelings!
Katie: Tony, do you need a manpon?

David: Where'd Tony go?
Kevin: I'd assume to get a manpon. That n00b has been whining all fucking day

Tony: It bothered me. He told me give him a blumpkin, and said something about a wolf cookie.
Kevin: Are you serious? Go get a fucking manpon...
by Cebbin March 13, 2011
A tampon for men who possess seepy bum holes, often caused by old age.
Manpon - 'My grandfather had the apple splatters, so we gave him a Manpon'
by John Smith112 March 15, 2009
What a gay guy needs if he's bitchy like he's having a period.
Hon, do you need a manpon?
by SparkyBaby July 23, 2008
if a mans been walking all day and his taint starts getting chafed, he makes a quick stop at the restroom, grabs some toilet paper, wets it down, and applies it to his taint. like a tampon but for a dude.

-basically to combat swamp butt.
dude I can hardly walk anymore. my ass is on fire. i need to hit a restroom and make a quick manpon.
by wayne birkman III October 26, 2007
A phrase used by men to their own sex to tell them to stop complaining/whining. Comes from the original word "tampon" which is used only for women (in most cases).
Man #1: This sucks, why do we have to keep doing this?
Man #2: Why don't you get a manpon and suck it up?
by dolphinlazerwave September 13, 2009
A slang term for the large cylindrical pads placed around a weightlifting bar when performing squats. Often used to avoid bruising from the bar.
Using a manpon on your olympic bar is unacceptable, and unnecessary as long as you have some traps.
by angrydw4rf February 24, 2009

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