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an epidemic where a citizen plays no key role in the economic or social contrasts of our world, such as closing oneself in a dark box, or having too much in hand hence having no time for volunteer work, or any participation in a community, in turn, this leads to the person literally turning into a mannequin; a subtle, crippled figure immune to the active world around it.
Georgia needs to start volunteering at the Shelter; her job is swallowing her.

Mannequinism is the actual predator.
by Ffeilisha December 16, 2005
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a spate of people whose bodies are unhealthily under-weight for one's own benefit
Stop mannequinism from spreading to our posterity.
by Feilisha May 14, 2005
An epidemic of those who are ENTIRELY too skinny for their own good!
Mary Kate Olsen DUH! hahaha
by Brooke April 26, 2005

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