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A response to when a person commits a misdeed by mishap, poor judgment, or deception.
guy 1: "He got his girlfriend pregnant."
guy 2: "What happened? Did the condom break?"
guy 1: "No, he didn't wear one."
guy 2: "Negative skillz!"

friend 1: "I can't believe he flaked out on us again!"
friend 2: "Negative skillz!"
by notkasuo June 18, 2008
Nickname for baseball player Manny Ramirez, who tested positive and suspended in May 2009 for a drug believed to be associated with steroid use.
"Manny Roidmirez is suspended for 50 games."
by notkasuo May 17, 2009
Stands for "Work is for suckas". It is the phrase to voice one's own contempt for work yet bitter acceptance as a source of income.
coworker 1: "I have to go in early today to cover someone's shift."
coworker 2: "WIFS!"

friend 1: "Want to go get a cup of coffee?"
friend 2: "I can't, I'm at work."
friend 1: "Really? Why are you working right now?"
friend 2: "Because I've been working this same shift for several years now."
friend 1: "WIFS, man."
by notkasuo June 18, 2008

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