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best name in the entire world to have belonging to the best family in the worl
The last name Mangels is the best.
by kyle mangels June 06, 2009
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A North German surname, a patronymic of Mangel
Famous people with the last name Mangels
Alby Mangels, Dutch-born Australian documentary film-maker
Andy Mangels, American science fiction author
Anna Christina Mangels, wife of Claus Spreckels
Ted Mangels, American off-road racer, won the Baja 1000
Wilhelm Mangels , a German politician
William F. Mangels , American amusement manufacturer and inventor
Ted Mangels won the 1967 Car and Truck portion of the Baja 100
by Nabisco Crackers June 14, 2013
Pronounced Main-gel

When a person has an angelic persona but has a slight mean side to them and the two sides of combine into one personality.
She is usually as sweet as an angel but she is being mean at this moment. She is being a Mangel right now.
by redwolf1229 November 01, 2010

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