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when a man, has an extreme rush of joy similar to an orgasm from something manly. Such as beer, spicy food, explosions, fast cars, firing big guns, hot chicks, or movies involving all of those things.
I had a mangasm watching Snakes on a Plane!

Hunting with the 50 caliber rifle is a complete mangasm!

When I floored my 69' Chevelle I had a mangasm!
by Austen the Puerto Rican September 20, 2006
Noun. The reaction of a man to something manly an attractive such as cars, tools, or other man things. Usually can be identified by an abrupt stopping of speech, movement, or both and the utterance of "oh my god" or other exclamations under the breath. This is usually followed by still standing and staring, or a sudden change in direction to get a better look at the object in question.

Girls, are not included in this, or resembling girls, as this is just a normal orgasm.
"Yeah, so I just tell the guy look budd- holy sh*t..."

"Jim? Helloooo."

"Yeah, sorry, just had mangasm over that 1972 Nova."
by Fobia7teen July 02, 2009
Getting really excited over something silly. Not always but usually suspect.
They're coming out with a My Little Pony Live Action Movie. I just had a man-gasm.
by BT aka Witten Mittens September 06, 2013
1. getting an intense reaction due to manly things such as fast shit, guns, large amounts of cash, explosions, and other cool s**t.
2. Doing something manly while being pleasured by a women creating a double reaction of awsomness.
1. Lighting those large amounts of explosives may cause a mangam
2.While watching a war movie my girl gave me a BJ creating the ultimate mangasm.
by The manly genius December 13, 2010
the feeling when a man gets a orgasm, but from something manly like burritos, throwing shit like knives, shooting guns, watching the expendables, football, beer, etc.
i got a mangasm after watching the expandables
by ametz21 October 12, 2010
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