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"When a female's inner labia are longer than the outer labia, giving the vagina the appearance of a ham sandwich."
"I ate the biggest ham sandwich last night. Know what I mean? *wink wink*"
by Teddy November 03, 2003
a slap across the face with a limp dick. the words comes from the sound that is made, "BAJAWA!!!!!!!"
I asked this chick to close her eyes to get a suprise, then i totally bajawaed her.
by Teddy June 04, 2004
A rimfire .22 autoloading rifle or carbine first introduced by Sturm, Ruger & Co. in 1964. In stock form it's fed by a flush-mounting 10 round rotary magazine, hence the "10" part of the name. It's easily the most popular auto. .22 rifle ever manufactured.
The Ruger 10/22 is likely the most widely customizable rifle of any configuration/caliber on the market today.
by Teddy June 30, 2005
a blow job given by a girl with braces
damn man, that chick with the headgear gave me the hugest meat grinder last night.
by Teddy June 04, 2004
"A penis that is so small, it resembles a button on a fur coat amongst the pubic hair."
"His penis was so small that it resembled a button on a fur coat."
by Teddy November 03, 2003
"The creamy soup like discharge that appears when a female is aroused or after she cums."
"The only flavour of soup I like is panty soup."
by Teddy November 03, 2003
A variant of Punk'd, but a PG-13 version of the word, coined by Jamie Kennedy.
You see that sign over there? You've been X'ed. You're on my hidden-camera show, called The Jamie Kennedy Experiment. (Oh, shit!)
by Teddy January 05, 2004
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