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Mid western slang mean to purchase something.
Joe, did you see those new jordans? I'm coppin them when they come out.
#joe #homey #friend #coppin #buying
by rory_breaker March 16, 2006
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A douche bag who thinks he's cool.
Black guys named Coppins
#coppins #black #guy #armoni #guys
by Scouthutch September 12, 2013
When one uses sarcastic language to insult another person.
Guy#1: Whatch me man, look what I can do!
Guy#2: Oh ya bud you're f**king great!
Guy#1: Oh man why you gotta always be coppin' me?
by I AM A FREAKING RETARD January 24, 2016
A combination of collar and poppin'. Refers to the act of popping one's collar. See also collar popper and popped collar.
Those preppie boys are always coppin.
by Andy, Trey, Loren (Chi Phi) December 17, 2004
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