Occurs at a time of intense scenes of violence and action, culminating in a euphoric orgasmic sensation.
Dude, Iron Man 2 gave me a complete Mangasm!
by Huang Wei Lo May 08, 2010
When a man has an orgasm over manly things such as food, cars, tools, sports, etc.
Dude that car gives me a total mangasm.
Bro this burrito is a mangasm in a tortilla.
by tyroneshoelaces22 November 20, 2009
A mangasm occurs when a woman has any degree of orgasm that causes her to fall asleep immediately afterward without any chit chat, cuddling or clean up whatsoever.
"Sorry I fell asleep during sex last night before you had a chance to finish. I guess I had a mangasm."
by "Ya, right!" July 28, 2009
when a man is getting a sexual act performed on him or he is performing sex and he moans and groans before he ejaculates. usually consisting of "Aahhhhh" or "Sssssss"
i was coppin dome and she sucked it soo good i started to have a mangasm
by jrey April 26, 2007
The combination of extreme pleasure and anxiety while watching an all-male band perform, and the realisation that you are attracted to them. Applicable in the context of heterosexual and/or homosexual desire, plus anything in between.
While watching Mangasm, Lincoln's finest band, i did indeed experience a Mangasm.

My girlfriend had a Mangasm while listening to The G-Spot Monks.

Dave couldn't control his Mangasm at the gig.
by Shane Gostelow January 16, 2007
The climax of non-sexual heterosexual male attraction.
- "Man, you look like you're having a mangasm watching Jimi play guitar."
by Keith M. March 11, 2006
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