Referring to one's penis. Usually large in size. Used primarily as a slang term.
You ain't got nothin' on this mandingo!" Girl 1- "Girl, his mandingo was thiiiis big!" Girl 2- "gasp!
by Luanda Guth March 31, 2011
Descendant of super slave

Brandon Jacobs is the progeny of a man dingo.
by kyle Kenneth kendrick January 03, 2009
the double-double cheeseburger wrapped into a burrito animal style with the special sauce only sold on the In N Out special menu in California.
Damm, I'm so hungry! Let's go to In N Out n order some Mandingos!
by mandingo92 August 17, 2010
An African-American man who has an enormous ding dong and is not afraid to show it
Melissa: Some guy with a Mandingo just slapped me in the face with his dick! See dick slap
by KeniggaFriedChicken May 18, 2014
the art of being extremely player with a big load
" Man dingo led the charge, he was captivating and got all the virgins"
by JNasty June 14, 2003
A black male with the powers to attract the opposite sex.Has no bounderies
That gals a jezzey its time 4 mandingo
by Micheal November 18, 2003
Tokumbo Alimi aka Click Clack
TJ is a big dick warrior
by TER January 24, 2005

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