When Anita gets fucked in every hole by a gang of crack snorting fucktards from her local area. When everything is finished she pulls a kilo of LSD from her anal cavity and starts popping them like skittles.
Anita been Mandingo -ing again
by Itsbradd October 29, 2014
Generally a black athlete of extremely prowess.
That mandingo is unstopable out there. He's having his way with other players out there
by Marshall Coach Bob Pruett September 15, 2004
male external genitalia
Man, Ludacris got hit in the mandingo while playing at Prospect Park!
by Stephen November 26, 2002
Term used for black male slaves who were used in blood sport fights against other slaves at the bidding of their masters. Sport was arranged for spectator entertainment and betting by slave-owners.
The Mandingo has won 6 matches in a row by smashing the other slaves' skull in with a hammer. His master has earned more than $3000 with each win.
by Sk04L January 06, 2013
a large penis usually on an african american
Albacore members do not have mandingos
by Garfunkle McNoodle October 11, 2005
MANDANGO's lil' bro, not as strong or powerful
MANDANGO knocked out his lil' bro Mandingo with his monster
by wallball April 14, 2008
an extremely large male penis (usually of african american make?)
whoa that guys has a big mandingo, shiiiit.
by MilfHuntr February 06, 2004

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