A monstrously huge penis, exceeding at least 12 inches in length. Best covered with baggy blue athletic sweats.
Sally: "I am so fucking sore from last night, and i get around... i mean this shouldn't happen."
Jane: "What did you expect, Ralph sports a Mandingo under those goofy sweats."
by Hottie March 10, 2005
A big black man with a large penis. Often paid to provide sexual relief to ones wife
Bro, how has Lamar got a all that cash after a week off? Heard he's a mandingo.
by deftoneschris April 29, 2013
A black man that has a penis over 12 inches in length.
I am the great man dingo. Bow before my al mighty shlong.
by kingandhishorse September 28, 2009
(n./adj.) A historic African Warrior who was known for having a large penis and being a pimp among the laydeez...present-day usage is derived from this historical figure to describe a FINE ASS Black Man who has a BIG ASS DICK!!!!
Give me a MANDINGO anyday over these minnie-willies!!!!!
by CNC March 25, 2005
Part of the sexual swinging subculture, a mandingo is a black man who is hired to have sex with suburban white women while their husbands watch. Many of these encounters occur at a Mandingo Party of a dozen couples or more, after children are shipped off for the night and their bedrooms turned into sex quarters for guests.
Next time we have a mandingo over, remind me to put plastic over the couch. That microfiber will never be the same again!
by Grack Attack April 02, 2007
tribe from africa with giant penis's who migrated to trinidad they were also great warriors
the mandingo tribe were forced to move to trinidad to harvest sugar kane they chose the mandingo tribe cause they had bigger snakes in there pants to scare off the snakes in the feild
by the great genie kazim February 13, 2010
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