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A catch all term for Scottish punk and hardcore music.
The name comes from the Gaelic name for Scotland- Alba. It was inspired by the earlier 'Eirecore', which is a similar term for Irish punk and hardcore.
The Albacore forum and myspace exist to promote Scottish punk and hardcore networking
by The Albacore Drone January 03, 2010
To have sex while in a hot tub while it is also cold out. The Albacore is a submarine developed in New England for high speed and maneuverability after World War II. If you've ever had sex in a hot tub while it's snowing, you'd know you better have some high speed and maneuverability to get the job done.
Dude, last night after everyone went inside, I gave Brie the Albacore in the Jacuzzi.

I want to albacore her so hard later, we just need to get the rest of these dudes out of the tub!
by Vic Sokul January 01, 2014
An underground music scene of metal bands dedicated to celibrating Jessica Alba
Did you see that ALBAcore band "My Alias?" They were hella fresh.
by Snakeman June 21, 2006