The stereotypical "man" in a homosexual relationship. The counter term is "mandissa," which refers to the stereotypical "female." For example, a mandingo would open the door for his mandissa, he would pay for dinner on dates, he would actively pursue his mandissa. Generally, the mandingo is the top, or the inserter, during intercourse. Most mandingos could pass for straight, while mandissas are obviously gay.
OMG! Look at that mandingo's hairy chest. I just want him to tear off my clothes and eat me.
#mandissa #top #gay #bear #bottom
by cbarbs May 22, 2006
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A African male who knows that he has a huge penis that can hit all night and keep a female comin back fo more
that mandingo work it out on me and when he was done ... i came back fo more like a junky fo drugs!!!
by Lea J. April 22, 2004
black man with huge cock
Brian is the mandingo in mandingo junction.
by John Smith March 30, 2005
A penis that exceeds 12 inches.
My mandingo could probably choak a land dwelling mammal.
by David April 04, 2005
1)big dick african warrior.
2)a man that is hung like a horse.
1) hmm hmm honey, that 2 incher pincher is not going to do it for me, i need a MANDINGO.
by Temmy June 06, 2004
a HUGE black penis
All bruhs got the curse of the mandigo!
by Anonymous July 15, 2003
basically he is a black guy with a big huge dick.
mandingo has a huge giant black dick, reminiscent of a king sized snickers candy bar.
#huge dick #black dick #huge black dick #mandingo #nigger dick #big nig dick #black cock #man dingo
by Quinn=Gsta August 29, 2006
an extremely large penis
Come here so i can show u my mandingo
by jeff e. October 13, 2003
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